Juniors Kids Self-Defence

Due to Covid-19 pandemic classes are closed.

Juniors Kids Self-Defence is a system suitable for everyday life situations, from scenarios between children and their peers to situations that may arise with an adult (criminal assault or sexual abuse). The training process is development of important personality issues in the first place as: self-discipline, self-confidence, courage and the ability to make decisions in stressful situation, understanding of when to use the gained knowledge.

Use the form at the page BOOK NOW! to book a FREE trial of or register interest if class currently full.

Please note: You shall not bring your child to both of our locations as it is not mix & match. You can only go to one location – Maidenhead or Slough.

 Juniors Kids Self-Defence Code of Conduct

In the interests of all students and Instructors, we ask all members of UKM and parents to read our code of conduct. This will allow us to provide tuition to the highest standard, in summary to provide a safe, fun, and positive training environment.
  • All students are expected to be courteous and respectful to each other at all times.
  • Zero tolerance for poor behaviour.
  • Footwear is to be clean, and of the ‘Trainer’ variety.
  • No jewellery or watches during training time.
  • Classes may already be running when you arrive, so please wait quietly outside the training area until called by an Instructor.
  • If you join the class (5-10 minutes) after the class has started you should wait at the side of the training area for the Instructor to acknowledge you.
  • No permit to do dressing and undressing in the training area.
  • If students need to remove any part of their uniform for any reason they should ask permission from the Instructor.
  • No allow eating or chewing of gum in class.
  • No using of mobile phones.
  • If a student has to leave before the end of the class, they must seek the permission of the Instructor.
  • Students should not teach another student during the class, unless they have been given permission by the Instructor.
  • No permit for photography or filming.
  • Students are to remain in the training area until parents have arrived to collect them. Parents, please to notify the Instructor on leaving with your child/children.
  • Any alternative Instructor or class Assistant should be treated with the same level of courtesy and respect as the regular Instructor.

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