Seeing Thngs

Agnieszka is a brand-ambassador for SeeingThngs.

SeeingThngs as the brand of clothing have a mission to empower women worldwide. It is so important that, as women, we lift each other up and encourage one another to live our best lives. We embrace the female body with a positive mindset, remembering how essential it is to love everything about oneself. We believe that what you give, you get back, so for every item purchase we donate to women in need. We are here to support, encourage, embrace, and inspire!

Our Symbol is a conscious reminder of how we want to live our lives at SeeingThngs. The triangle represents harmony and stability, linking our past, present and future with a grounded foundation. The eye represents the window into our souls, reminding us to always follow our hearts with a clear vision. When we trust this symbolic accordance, the universe guides us to exactly where we are meant to be.

Inspire. Grow. See THNGS. Do THNGS!

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